How to survive a SHTF situation

First of a collaboration series with my husband. Going over the basics.

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A leaf of faith: Kratom

Today we are exploring a natural alternative to opioids and diving into the discussion about KRATOM.

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It has been 6 MONTHS!!!

  Sooooooo, obviously I fell off the band wagon. I stopped writing. I lost myself. And found myself again. This blogging thing is NOT for the faint-hearted. You run out of things to talk about, things to write about, develop writer’s block, whatever you want to call it. But, I’m back. At least until I […]

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Chick Rider

One thing on my bucket list was wanting to learn to ride a motorcycle— I just so happened to marry a motorcycle enthusiast who made that come true. When it came to a starter bike I wanted something that wasn’t super expensive incase I wrecked it (and I did a few times). I wanted something […]

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The Power of The Mom

Being a mom… not exactly what this post is about, instead rather the power and strength we got from our mothers, and the lessons they taught us. I got lucky. I have no idea what I would do without my mom. Since I can remember she was my biggest fan. She pushed me to my […]

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